Peng Gao, Yong-hong Qin, Yue-xin Han, Yan-jun Li, and Si-ying Liu, Strengthening leaching effect of Carlin-type gold via high-voltage pulsed discharge pretreatment, Int. J. Miner. Metall. Mater.
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Peng Gao, Yong-hong Qin, Yue-xin Han, Yan-jun Li, and Si-ying Liu, Strengthening leaching effect of Carlin-type gold via high-voltage pulsed discharge pretreatment, Int. J. Miner. Metall. Mater.
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Strengthening leaching effect of Carlin-type gold via high-voltage pulsed discharge pretreatment

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  • Received: 24 December 2019Revised: 2 February 2020Accepted: 12 February 2020Available online: 20 February 2020
  • A high-voltage pulsed discharge (HVPD) pretreatment was used to strengthen the leaching effect of Carlin-type gold ore containing arsenic. Optimal results of the pretreatment experiments were obtained at the following operating conditions: a spherical gap spacing of 20 mm, pulse number of 100, and voltage of 30 kV. The leaching rate of gold was increased by 15.65% via the HVPD pretreatment. The mass fraction of –0.5+0.35 mm and –0.35+0.1 mm was increased by 10.97% and 6.83% compared to the untreated samples, respectively, and the Au grade of –0.1 mm was increased by 22.84%. However, the superiority of the HVPD pretreatment would be weakened by prolonged grinding time. Scanning electron microscopy results indicated that the pretreated products presented as a melting state and then condensation, accompanying by some pore formation. More micro-cracks were generated at the interface of the ore and the original crack were expended via pulsed discharge pretreatment, with the contact area between the leaching reagent and ore increased, the leaching reaction rate enhanced and the leaching effect strengthened.
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