Gen-zhuang Li, Jue Kou, Yi Xing, Yang Hu, Wei Han, Zi-yuan Liu, and Chun-bao Sun, Gold-leaching performance and mechanism of sodium dicyanamide, Int. J. Miner. Metall. Mater.,(2021).
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Gen-zhuang Li, Jue Kou, Yi Xing, Yang Hu, Wei Han, Zi-yuan Liu, and Chun-bao Sun, Gold-leaching performance and mechanism of sodium dicyanamide, Int. J. Miner. Metall. Mater.,(2021).
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Gold-leaching performance and mechanism of sodium dicyanamide

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  • Received: 15 March 2020Revised: 22 July 2020Accepted: 23 July 2020Available online: 26 July 2020
  • In this work, sodium dicyanamide (SD) was used as a leaching reagent for gold recovery, and the effects of the SD dosage and solution pH on the gold-leaching performance were investigated. A gold recovery of 34.8% was obtained when SD was used as the sole leaching reagent at a dosage of 15 kg/t. In the presence of a certain amount of potassium ferrocyanide (PF) in the SD solution, the gold recovery was found to increase from 34.8% to 57.08%. Using the quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation (QCM-D) technique, the leaching kinetics of SD with and without PF were studied. The QCM-D results indicate that the gold-leaching rate increased from 4.03 to 39.99 ng·cm–2·min–1 when the SD concentration was increased from 0 to 0.17 mol/L, and increased from 39.99 to 272.62 ng·cm–2·min–1 when 0.1 mol/L of PF was used in combination with SD. The pregnant solution in the leaching tests was characterized by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and electrospray mass spectrometry, which indicated that Au and (N(CN)2) in the SD solution formed a series of metal complex ions, [AuNax(N(CN)2)x+2] (x = 1, 2, 3, or 4).
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