Khushdeep Goyal, Hazoor Singh, and Rakesh Bhatia, Hot-corrosion behavior of Cr2O3-CNT-coated ASTM-SA213-T22 steel in a molten salt environment at 700℃, Int. J. Miner. Metall. Mater., 26(2019), No. 3, pp. 337-344.
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Khushdeep Goyal, Hazoor Singh, and Rakesh Bhatia, Hot-corrosion behavior of Cr2O3-CNT-coated ASTM-SA213-T22 steel in a molten salt environment at 700℃, Int. J. Miner. Metall. Mater., 26(2019), No. 3, pp. 337-344.
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Hot-corrosion behavior of Cr2O3-CNT-coated ASTM-SA213-T22 steel in a molten salt environment at 700℃

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  • Received: 6 June 2018Revised: 21 August 2018Accepted: 29 August 2018
  • The present work investigates the hot-corrosion behavior of carbon nanotube (CNT)-reinforced chromium oxide coatings on boiler steel in a molten salt (Na2SO4-60wt%V2O5) environment at 700℃ under cyclic conditions. The coatings were deposited via the high-velocity oxygen fuel process. The uncoated and coated steel samples were subjected to hot corrosion in a silicon tube furnace at 700℃ for 50 cycles. The kinetics of the corrosion behavior was analyzed through mass-gain measurements after each cycle. The corrosion products were analyzed by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, and energy-dispersive X-ray analysis techniques. The results revealed that uncoated steel suffered spallation of scale because of the formation of nonprotective Fe2O3 scale. The coated steel samples exhibited lower mass gains with better adhesiveness of oxide scale with the steel alloy until the end of exposure. The CNT-reinforced coatings were concluded to provide better corrosion resistance in the hot-corrosion environment because of the uniform dispersion of CNTs in the coating matrix and the formation of protective chromium oxides in the scale.
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