Qi Wang, Yue-yong Du, Yan-qing Lai, Fang-yang Liu, Liang-xing Jiang, and Ming Jia, Three-dimensional antimony sulfide anode with carbon nanotube interphase modified for lithium-ion batteries, Int. J. Miner. Metall. Mater., 28(2021), No. 10, pp. 1629-1635. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12613-021-2249-7
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Qi Wang, Yue-yong Du, Yan-qing Lai, Fang-yang Liu, Liang-xing Jiang, and Ming Jia, Three-dimensional antimony sulfide anode with carbon nanotube interphase modified for lithium-ion batteries, Int. J. Miner. Metall. Mater., 28(2021), No. 10, pp. 1629-1635. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12613-021-2249-7
Research Article

Three-dimensional antimony sulfide anode with carbon nanotube interphase modified for lithium-ion batteries

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  • Corresponding author:

    Ming Jia    E-mail: jiamingsunmoon@aliyun.com

  • Received: 24 September 2020Revised: 7 January 2021Accepted: 9 January 2021Available online: 13 January 2021
  • Antimony sulfide (Sb2S3) is a promising anode for lithium-ion batteries due to its high capacity and vast reserves. However, the low electronic conductivity and severe volume change during cycling hinder its commercialization. Herein our work, a three-dimensional (3D) Sb2S3 thin film anode was fabricated via a simple vapor transport deposition system by using natural stibnite as raw material and stainless steel fiber-foil (SSF) as 3D current collector, and a carbon nanotube interphase was introduced onto the film surface by a simple dropping-heating process to promote the electrochemical performances. This 3D structure can greatly improve the initial coulombic efficiency to a record of 86.6% and high reversible rate capacity of 760.8 mAh·g−1 at 10 C. With carbon nanotubes interphase modified, the Sb2S3 anode cycled extremely stable with high capacity retention of 94.7% after 160 cycles. This work sheds light on the economical preparation and performance optimization of Sb2S3-based anodes.
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