Special Issue for the 70th Anniversary of USTB

International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials (IJMMM) organizes and presents this special issue to commemorate the 70th anniversary of USTB. Academicians and high-level scholars are invited to submit original articles or reviews on the research frontiers, status, challenges, achievements, and prospects in minerals, metallurgy, and materials. The preface of the special issue is written by Academician Guanhua Xu, a member of the Chinese Academy of Science. The special issue includes 28 papers, of which 17 are review papers and 11 are original research papers; there are 11 high-level manuscripts written by academician teams and 8 international manuscripts written by academician teams and well-known scholars in Japan, UK, USA, Belgium, and Sweden, as well as 11 manuscripts written by well-known scholars in China. The special issue includes papers on carbon peak and carbon neutrality, machine learning, corrosion big data, intelligent mining and metallurgy technology, nanobubble flotation, green and sustainable metallurgy, advanced metallic materials, functional materials, new energy materials, etc. These papers have comprehensively shown the significant achievements and progress made by global researchers.